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A Luxurious Foam Ride for your Gear

Zebracase makes protecting your gear so easy! An innovative tri-layer foam insert surrounds your gear in a 360º foam cushion for the ultimate in protection: It starts with a bottom base pad to cushion the underbelly in air ride comfort. The middle layer combines a 1” edge surround with our exclusive 'Pluck & Protect' pre-cut cubed liner. This easy to use system lets you create any pattern to custom fit your Zebracase for virtually anything! Once your pattern has been created, the convoluted foam top provides a gentle squeeze that compresses for a tight and secure, movement free fit. The tough Zebracase polymer outer shell gives you a total protective boundary against shock, abuse and the elements.

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Configuring a Zebracase is easy. Simply place the item or items you wish to protect on the foam liner...

... and start plucking out the pre-cut 'pluck and protect' foam cubes to fit around the items snugly.

There is always ½" or more of high density foam cushion on all sides surrounding every part of your gear.

The foam liner can be made to accommodate virtually any shape and size.

Tip - Keep power supply and cords together with your gear... you'll never loose them or plug in the wrong supply again!

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